Fairness pillar launched

GarethMasonThe fairness pillar was launched last week and “Orange was indeed the new grey!” The girls were asked to wear pigtails to symbolise that fairness is never about one person, it is about oneself and someone else in the same way as there are always two sides to any story. Mrs Blandford reminded the girls that they are being fair when they treat others right and when they share . The girls were allowed to wear their orange ribbons in their hair last week as a reminder of these lessons. Mr Gareth Mason was their invited guest and he was truly inspirational. Snippets from his address read as follows: “As you can see I’m not the tallest person in the world, I am a dwarf, which as you can see is a small person with short arms and legs and large head. When I was little and could still look at my friends because we were the same height, I was-n’t really aware that I was different. But as my friends grew tall-er, I realized that I was different. I went through a stage in my life when I thought that being born with this condition was not fair. I realized (over time) that actually I am special and unique because there are not many dwarfs around and it’s up to me to make my life great. I was blessed with a loving and supporting family and wonderful friends who encouraged me to seize every opportunity to live a full and normal life. I have been asked many times if I wish to be taller and my response will always be no. I am extremely happy with who I am. Yes, I’ve had my challenges in life and yes there are times when people can be judgmental and unkind but I wouldn’t change a thing. We are not given a good or bad life. We are given life and it’s up to US to make the best of all situations, be proud of who you are and live life to the fullest. One thing we need to remember is that we are all equal and some of us are just differently abled. Black, white, coloured, all religions, we are equal and we need to unite together in fairness in order to make our beautiful country a better place and it starts with you, the YOUTH of South Africa.” A powerful take on fairness!Fairness