Chairman: Jacques Pienaar

Nicholas Mitchell – Secretary



Lisa Freercks Chairlady
 Monique Williams Vice Chairlady
 Jeanique van der Mescht Convenor
Gillian Dold Chapman Co-Convenor
 Tracey Tudhope Convenor
 Amanda Dowd-Krause Co-Convenor
Ilse Coombes Convenor
Liandre Bekker Co-Convenor
Brenda MacKenzie  Co-Convenor
Cardel Lippstreu  Co-Convenor
Sports   Teas
Chantelle Ward Convenor
Wilma Ferreira Co-Convenor
JP   Books
Cindy Dunnington Convenor
Helen Embery Co-Convenor
SP   Books
Hazel van Zyl Convenor
Sam Pappas Co-Convenor
Liny De St Pern Convenor
Margaux Langenhoven Co-Convenor
Gillian Dold Chapman Convenor
 Sue Grady  Co-Convenor
Monique Williams Convenor
 Jenny Foster Co-Convenor
2nd   Hand Clothing
Lisa Fismer Convenor
Debbie Ryan Co-Convenor
Lost   Property
Hanlie van Heerden Convenor
Charne Eaton Co-Convenor
Rochelle Fowlds Convenor
Cindy Levey Co-Convenor
Costume   Room
Portia Ngaka Convenor
Jaydene Mulder Co-Convenor
Community Service
Paula Casali Convenor
Talana van der Roet Co-Convenor
Lynne Lindhorst Convenor
Keri Woods Co-Convenor
Parent   Enrichment
Wilandi Esterhuysen Convenor
Kirsty Reilly Co-Convenor
Debbie Windsor  Convenor
Kirsty Reilly  Co-Convenor
Show Costumes
Sonja Rielly  Convenor
 Leandre Fourie  Co-Convenor




One thought on “PTA AND CAMS

  1. Philippa Fabbri says:

    Dear Mr. Pienaar
    We currently run a very successful homework centre at our school from Monday to Friday 2.30 – 5.00pm for about 20 of our students in Grades 4 – 7. Parents pay a monthly fee of R1000 or they can pay per day, but the monthly fee works out cheaper. This service is offered to working parents who are struggling to get homework done in the evenings when they get home from work. It is NOT an after-care facility. It also takes away the anxiety and stress and so when kids are fetched at 5, they are free when they get home.

    Our parents have expressed their appreciation and relief at having this responsibility lifted so it leaves time for “fun activities” with their child instead of homework wars after a long day at work.

    Would you be interested in us offering this service at your school for your parents? We would place tutors in the homework centre and deal directly with the parents. All we need from you is a venue or 2, depending on the response. We would probably group Grades 4 and 5 together and Grades 6 and 7 together with not more than 8 learners per teacher? We do homework, revision for tests/exams when the time arrives and we work on projects/presentations because let’s face it, very few parents are as “hands on” as they would like to be because they work full-time and often have other children that they are also attending to.

    If you would like me to come and chat with you about this, please let me know when you would be available.

    Kind regards,

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