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Di Mason and I are the teachers involved in Community Service

This year (2018), 18 Grade 7 girls will participate in activities to help people and animals in our community.

They will learn vital life skills, including interacting with others, both old and young.  Various speakers will address the group and the girls will be taken on outings to schools, homes of safety, old age homes and animal shelters.   They will make various items to give away or to sell to raise funds.  Collegiate Junior is still supporting Heatherbank Farm School and our Community Service girls will visit the Grade 2 learners in the first term and spend time teaching them and playing games with them.

Collegiate Junior School is twinning with Heatherbank again this year and we aim to assist financially, with resources, love sandwiches and spending quality time with the teachers and children. We are hoping that parents, teachers and the Collegiate girls will consider helping in some way so that we can encourage Mrs Ellen Lovemore, who runs the school specifically for children from the Walmer township.

Heather Moulton