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Applications/School Fees

School Fees for 2024

The Annual School Fees for 2024 will be R37 386.00

School Fees paid in full by the 31st December 2023
discounted by 10% (R33 647.00)

School Fees paid in full by the 31st January 2024
discounted by 7.5% (R34 582.00)

Monthly: January to November - R3 399.00pm

Music Fees for 2024

Individual tuition per pupil, per instrument:
R4 100.00pa OR R410.00pm

Group tuition per pupil, per instrument:
R3 100.00pa OR R310.00pm

Instrument hire per pupil, per instrument
R2 650.00 OR R265pm

Miscellaneous Fees - R800.00pa or R80pm

School Application Form

Applications for 2025 open on 1 February 2024 and will close on
13 March 2024.

Please submit electronically in PDF format only to

Aftercare Application Form & Policy

A team of 10 staff members, headed by Mrs Glynn Slater, ensures that each precious child from Grade 00 up to and including Grade 7 gets the best possible care, love, attention and support that they deserve.

Download to fill in the form and email it to:

Application for 2025

Grade 00 = Suggested age: 4 turning 5 years of age
Grade R = Suggested age: 5 turning 6 years of age
Grade 1 = Suggested age: 6 turning 7 years of age
Grade 2-7 applications are welcome.

Grade R to Grade 7 applications should include the latest statement of fees from your current school and the latest school report available. Proof of residence must be provided as per the application form.  No photo required.

As we have classes from Grade 00 please be aware that we will only “top up” classes from Grade R to Grade 7 when an existing family leaves. Often this notification will only be received late in the year and vacancies might occur in November/December.

*Please note that an unabridged birth certificate is required.
*A photograph may be placed on the space on page one before scanning. 
  No further photographs are required.
*Both parents listed on the birth certificate are required to sign the application form.
*Legal Guardianship paperwork to be provided in the cases where parent names differ from birth certificate