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Grade 7s have to select two from this section of four disciplines. (Drama, Art, Music, Dance.)

Groups are coached after school hours as part of the extracurricular programme and are entered into the local Junior Schools’ league (Grades R – 7).

Every alternate year a musical production is presented by the Senior Phase (Grades 4 – 7). Inter-house plays are performed in the “non-show” years. The Foundation Phase department (Grades 1 – 3) and the Pre-Primary produce a concert every alternate year, one in the third term and one in the fourth term.

Christian groups meet at 1st break on a Friday for Grades 3 – 7.

ECO CLUB (Grade 4-7)
Collegiate has Blue Flag status.

Music is offered as an optional activity to selected pupils in Grades 3 –7 for which there is an additional fee. Lessons are taught during school hours. A hire fee is levied should it be necessary to rent an instrument. Grade 00 to Grade 7 classes attend class music lessons.

SELECTION OF MUSIC PUPILS: All pupils are tested twice in Grade 2. This is a music aptitude test. All pupils are re-tested in Grade 3. Parents are then advised if their daughter has been successful. Should vacancies be available, parents will be contacted during the course of the year. Parents may request music lessons at any time by writing to the Head of the Music Department.

PIANO: Provided they have been successful in the music aptitude test, pupils may start piano from Grade 3 upwards and they must have a piano/or keyboard at home on which to practise.

VIOLIN: Also offered from Grade 3.

CLASSICAL GUITAR: Offered from Grade 3

OTHER INSTRUMENTS: Tuition is available at the school for the following instruments from Grade 4:
1. Woodwind : flute, clarinet, alto/tenor saxophone, recorder
2. Brass : trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba
3. Other : percussion, bass guitar, cello
There are group and individual lessons with both piano and instruments. Pupils are prepared for either Trinity or Royal Schools of Music practical and theory examinations. In addition, girls participate in local Eisteddfods and competitions.

CONCERT BAND: Once the required level has been reached, pupils are involved in the Band. Rehearsals are held before school hours. Besides performing in school related activities and at local Eisteddfods, they appear at many outside venues as requested. Girls may join the Jazz Band in addition to the Senior Band by invitation.

SCHOOL CHOIR: Pupils are auditioned at the start of each year (Grades 4-7). Rehearsals are held in the early morning session before the start of the formal school day. Besides performing in school related activities, the choir also participates in the local Eisteddfod, Choir Festivals and outside venues as requested. A Junior Choir accommodates all Grades 2 & 3 girls who would like to participate (no auditions).
Grades 6 and 7 pupils participate in the annual Collegiate School Carols Service together with Collegiate High School. All proceeds are donated to Community Chest.