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The heart of Collegiate’s commitment to equipping its pupils for a technological future is its modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) centre, an area of the school that buzzes with activity from before lessons begin in the morning to late in the afternoons.

The Junior Primary pupils have grown in confidence in their computing skills and in the process of mastering the home row keys on the keyboard. The Grades 3-7 have especially enjoyed the privilege of Internet based projects.


The school has purchased the Purple Mash software for Grades 1-7. Each girl has a login name and password and can work on the software at home or at school. Various activities and tasks have already been set for the learners to complete in their own time. It has been rather encouraging to see that the girls have been ‘mashing’ on their home computer.

Note to parents: Pupils will not be given an annual ICT Report. You are encouraged to have a look at the girls work in their computer file (Grades 3-7). Alternately you can view completed on-line tasks on the Purple Mash program.

Computer lessons are as follows:

  • Pre-Primary to Grade 2 lessons with with Mrs Mani, Grade 3 with Mrs Bentley and Grades 4-7 with Mrs Mala.
  • Basic rules apply in the computer lab.
  • The aim is to have fun-filled lessons.
  • Pupils will complete computer based worksheets as well.
  • Emphasis will be on developing mouse skills, identify basic terminology and keyboard recognition.

List of programs:

  • Tux Typing (free download)
  • Tux Paint (free download)
  • Tux Maths (free download)
  • Drawing for children (free download)
  • Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Paint
  • Inspiration 6UK
  • Readers are Leaders
  • Encarta Kids
  • Purple Mash for Grades 1 – 7

Computer Club: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school (14:15 to 15:10)

The computer room is a buzz of activity on these days. The girls thoroughly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere whereby they can chill on the bean bags with their friends with an iPad or complete computer activities based on our 6 Character Pillars.