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Intermediate (Gr 4 – 6) & Senior phase (Gr 7)

In the Intermediate Phase the following subjects are taught and assessed: (Grades 4 – 6)

  • English (Home Language)
  • Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Skills (Personal and Social wellbeing, Physical Education and Creative Arts)
  • In addition computer mastery, media skills and conversational isiXhosa is also taught at Collegiate Junior School.

In the Senior Phase the following subjects are taught and assessed: (Grade 7)

  • English (Home Language)
  • Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Technology
  • EMS
  • Life Orientation
  • Arts & Culture


Homework is of value to pupils of all ages as it helps them build on what they have already learnt in the classroom and prepares them for their next stage of learning.  It is also valuable for teachers as it helps them assess the progress of their pupils.  We ask that your daughter has a regular place and time for doing homework – written or revision.  Pupils in Grades 4 – 7 have a Collegiate Homework Diary in which homework is recorded. Parents are asked to sign the diary daily after homework is completed.


Pupils are prepared for a variety of High Schools according to individual strengths and interests.  At the end of the first term in Grade 7, schools best suited to pupils’ abilities are recommended to pupils and parents.  Whilst Collegiate Junior is the main feeder school for Collegiate High School, progression is not automatic.


The main aim of assessment is to provide clearer guidelines for parents of the strengths or developmental needs required by the learner in each learning area.  The ultimate aim is to ensure that learners leave the schooling system as confident, critical thinking and socially responsible citizens who can compete in a globally competitive world.   The curriculum will ensure that all learners acquire and apply the knowledge and skills at their grade level.

If you ever have any comments about your daughter’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact her teacher. The girls will receive a report at the end of each term.  Interviews between parents and teachers are encouraged and arranged during the course of the year.